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5 Mindfulness Apps You Didn’t Know Existed But Need to Try ASAP!

5 Mindfulness Apps You Didn’t Know Existed But Need to Try ASAP!

Are you looking to improve your mindfulness and meditation practice, but find yourself getting bored with the same old apps? Look no further! Here are five mindfulness apps that you might not have heard of yet, but need to try ASAP.

1. Stop Breathe Think

Stop Breathe Think is a unique mindfulness app that asks users to check in with themselves before a meditation session. You simply fill out your emotions and feelings at the moment, and then the app generates a tailored meditation session for you. They also have specialized course packages on topics like stress, anxiety, and sleep.

2. Sattva

Sattva is a meditation ( The Mind-Blowing Health Benefits of Meditation You Have to See to Believe ) app with guided meditations, free-form meditations, and a unique “heart rate variability” tracker. This tracker measures your heart’s rhythm to determine your level of relaxation ( The One Yoga Sequence You Should Never Miss for Ultimate Relaxation ) during your meditation session, which can help you improve your practice over time. They also have over 500 meditation tracks, making it easy to find something you like.

3. Reflectly

Reflectly is a journaling app that uses AI to help you record your thoughts and emotions. While not specifically a meditation app, journaling is a great way to improve mindfulness ( Discover the Mindfulness Hack That Transforms Your Fitness Routine ) and self-awareness. Reflectly asks guided questions to help you delve deeper into your thoughts and emotions, and also offers personalized insights into your mental health.

4. Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind is a non-profit mindfulness app that offers free guided meditations and courses for users. Their meditation tracks are organized by age group, from five years old to adult, so it’s a great option for parents who want to teach mindfulness to their children.

5. Insight Timer

Insight Timer is a meditation app that offers over 50,000 guided meditations, music tracks, and talks from experts. They also have a timer feature that lets you set your own meditation time, and a community feature that lets you connect with other meditators around the world.

In conclusion, trying out these five mindfulness apps is worth it if you are looking to mix up your meditation and mindfulness sessions. Each app offers a unique set of features and are tailored to specific needs, so it is worth exploring them to see which one will work best for you. Happy meditating!

  • Stop Breathe Think
  • Sattva
  • Reflectly
  • Smiling Mind
  • Insight Timer

Mindfulness App Recommendations FAQ

Q: What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the act of paying attention to the present moment, with openness and without judgment. It involves being fully present in the moment, and noticing one’s thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations without getting carried away by them.

Q: Why should I use a mindfulness app?

A mindfulness app can help you practice mindfulness on a regular basis, and make it a habit. It can also provide guided meditations, reminders, and other tools to help you stay on track and integrate mindfulness into your daily life.

Q: What are some of the best mindfulness apps out there?

There are many mindfulness apps available, but some of the most popular and highly-rated ones include:

  • Headspace
  • Calm
  • Insight Timer
  • 10% Happier
  • Buddhify

Q: What makes Headspace a great mindfulness app?

Headspace is a well-known mindfulness app that offers a wide range of guided meditations, mindfulness exercises, and breathing techniques. It also provides users with a personalized mindfulness journey, and tracks their progress over time. Additionally, Headspace has a clean and intuitive user interface, making it easy to use for beginners and advanced meditators alike.

Q: How does Calm differ from other mindfulness apps?

Calm is another popular mindfulness app that offers guided meditations, sleep stories, and other relaxation techniques. It also has a unique feature called “Daily Calm,” which provides users with a new guided meditation each day. Additionally, Calm offers a variety of ambient sounds and music, as well as guided meditations designed specifically for kids and teens.

Q: What makes Insight Timer stand out among other mindfulness apps?

Insight Timer is a free mindfulness app that offers over 40,000 guided meditations and mindfulness exercises from a variety of teachers and experts. It also provides users with a timer for self-guided meditation, and tracks their progress over time. Insight Timer also offers community features, such as the ability to connect with other meditators around the world.

Q: What is unique about 10% Happier compared to other mindfulness apps?

10% Happier is a mindfulness app that focuses on making meditation and mindfulness accessible and approachable for skeptics and beginners. It offers guided meditations and tips from well-known meditation teacher Dan Harris, as well as interviews with experts and celebrities who share their personal experiences with mindfulness. The app also has a sense of humor and down-to-earth approach that sets it apart from other more serious mindfulness apps.

Q: How is Buddhify different from other mindfulness apps?

Buddhify is a mindfulness app that offers guided meditations and mindfulness exercises tailored to specific situations and activities, such as commuting, working, or dealing with stress. It also provides users with a personalized meditation plan, and tracks their progress over time. Buddhify’s focus on applying mindfulness to everyday situations can be especially helpful for those who have difficulties integrating mindfulness into their daily lives.

Related Products: Mindfulness App Recommendations

  • Headspace: Meditation & Sleep
    Headspace is a comprehensive mindfulness app that offers guided meditations, sleep sounds, and mindful exercises to help users reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus, and get better sleep. The app features hundreds of sessions designed for different purposes and levels, with topics ranging from stress and anxiety, to sleep, happiness, and more. With Headspace, you can learn the art of meditation and mindfulness anytime and anywhere.
  • Calm: Meditate, Sleep, Relax
    Calm is another popular mindfulness app that provides a wide range of guided meditation programs, relaxing music, sleep stories, and breathing exercises to help you manage stress and improve mental health. The app features daily meditations, personalized meditation recommendations, and flexible meditation lengths, making it easy to establish a consistent mindfulness practice. With Calm, you can find calmness, clarity, and joy in the midst of a busy life.
  • Insight Timer: Meditation Timer
    Insight Timer is a meditation timer app that offers a vast library of free guided meditations and talks from renowned meditation teachers, including Tara Brach, Joseph Goldstein, and Sharon Salzberg. The app also features a customizable timer, a meditation journal, and a community forum where you can connect with other meditators around the world. Insight Timer aims to help you deepen your meditation practice and experience the transformative power of mindfulness.
  • Breathe: Mindfulness & Breathing
    Breathe is a mindfulness app that focuses on breathing techniques as a means of reducing stress, anxiety, and negative emotions. The app offers a range of guided breathing exercises, including box breathing, mindful breathing, and alternate nostril breathing, as well as soothing background sounds and visual cues to help you relax and destress. With Breathe, you can learn the art of conscious breathing and improve your physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Stop, Breathe & Think: Meditation & Mindfulness
    Stop, Breathe & Think is a unique mindfulness app that offers personalized meditation sessions based on your current emotional state and needs. The app features a check-in feature that allows you to assess your mood and recommend guided meditations and activities that suit your condition. The app also includes a mood tracker, a breathing timer, and a mindfulness journal to help you track your progress and cultivate inner peace. With Stop, Breathe & Think, you can discover the power of mindfulness and self-awareness.

Pros & Cons of Using Mindfulness Apps


  • Increased mindfulness: Using a mindfulness app can help to increase your mindfulness by providing you with guided meditations and exercises to practice regularly.
  • Convenience: Mindfulness apps can be used at anytime, anywhere, and most of them offer features like reminders, so you can easily make mindfulness practice a habit.
  • Inexpensive: Many mindfulness apps offer free versions or have low subscription fees, making mindfulness accessible and affordable.
  • Personalization: Many mindfulness apps offer varying meditation lengths, different topics to focus on, and even personalized recommendations based on your usage and preferences.
  • Engaging features: Some apps have features like progress tracking, streaks, and badges that can help motivate you to continue practicing mindfulness regularly.


  • Dependence: Relying solely on an app for mindfulness practice can inhibit your ability to practice mindfulness without it.
  • Distraction: Since mindfulness apps rely on technology, they can be a source of distraction and may not be fully effective at helping you fully disconnect and be present.
  • Limitations: Mindfulness apps may provide a limited scope of mindfulness practices compared to in-person mindfulness classes or therapy sessions.
  • Quality: With so many mindfulness apps available, it can be difficult to distinguish which ones are effective and offer high-quality resources.
  • Privacy: Some mindfulness apps collect user data, prompting concerns about privacy and security.

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